Types of Best Lawn Grass You Can Buy in Pakistan

types of grass lawn in pakistan

Choosing the best sort of grass is difficult as there isn’t that which is rated as the best grass in Pakistan but they vary according to your needs & requirements. Some need to mow time after time whereas some are shadow-loving.

Here are the top best Lawn Grass you can buy in Pakistan;

Korean Grass

Belonging to the group of Bermuda grass variety, it is locally called as Korean grass. One of the biggest advantages of growing Korean grass is that its carpet is thick and creates a lush green lawn. Korean grass is identified because of its thickness.

They are ideal when you need to place them right next to a wall or under a tree because they require rather less sunlight than the rest of the lawn grasses in Pakistan. Another point to note is that it grows very slowly so it is ideal for the people who can not find time for mowing the grass on a daily basis because it needs less cutting.

Fine Dhaka Grass

This also belongs to the Bermuda grass variety and is locally known as Fine Dhaka grass. It is one of the most commonly used lawn grasses in Pakistan. It is identified by the thickness of its leaf blades and its lesser price than the Korean Grass.

Dhaka fine or fine Dhaka grass grows rapidly so it needs mowing extensively. It gets sensitive in winters and changes its color. So, care is all this grass needs if you are planning on buying Fine Dhaka Grass in Pakistan.

American Grass

American grass belongs to a different grass variety. It is a bit more expensive than Fine Dhaka and Korean grass because of the fact that the effects of the frost and cold season show up late on American grass and it stays green for some more time, while its counterpart varieties show signs of wilting and yellowing of leaves. It requires more sunlight than the rest and also grows very rapidly which means more mowing frequently.

So, here you go with the Best Types of Lawn Grass in Pakistan and if you plan on buying one according to your requirement why not check out the best Lawn Grass in Pakistan on E Build Pakistan

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