Interesting Construction Industry Facts & Statistics 2020 Globally

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The construction industry represents 14% of the world-wide GDP. Without a doubt, It is one of the major industries of any country. development and encountering misfortunes in the improvement of the business. You must have heard, “We have just two seasons: winter and construction”.

Although it’s an exaggeration for the good of humor, the facts confirm that there’s continuously something under construction. We should see what’s happening in this industry with these construction facts and statistics.

China produces the most cement globally

China produces almost half of the world’s cement with an estimated 2.4 billion metric tons in 2018, followed by India at 290 million metric tons and the United States at 88.5 million metric tons.

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Less than 10% of workers in the construction industry are female

As with most of the industries, the construction industry is also a male-dominated industry with over 90% male workers and almost 8.9% are female workers. This could be due to a lack of interest, but some claim the male-heavy environment is unwelcoming for women.

75% chance of experiencing an injury

In the course of a 45-year career, a construction worker has a 75 % chance of experiencing life-threatening and disabling injuries. And 1 in 200 chance to die from a work-related incident. Looking to Buy Construction Materials in Pakistan

Only 24% of construction workers are “very comfortable” with new technology

In this fastest growing industry where technology is taking over humans only 24% of the construction workers are really okay with the new technology, the rest are still finding their way around the new machines.

Residential housing construction is growing faster than any other construction segment in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country that is currently enjoying relatively strong growth in construction activities. Today, construction is the second largest sector in Pakistan’s economy after agriculture. Roughly 30-35% of employment is directly or indirectly affiliated with the construction sector. In Pakistan, you will see that residential houses and buildings are under construction on a larger scale than any other construction segment. The reason is the fastest growing population and not just in Pakistan but everywhere around the world, the residential housing construction is at its peak.

Lowest construction wages

Countries with the lowest construction wages are Bangalore, Ho Chi Minh City and Kigali, where wages were all below $3 an hour. The cheapest is Bangalore where average hourly wages are at $1.

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