Home Design Trends: Here’s how you should be decorating your home this summer

Home Design Trends

The ongoing COVID pandemic has forced people to spend more time in their homes – lockdowns and travel restrictions have minimised social outings, and more and more offices are adapting a ‘work from home’ policy. With this in mind, it is wise to decorate your house in a way that it caters to your professional needs and acts like a comfortable sanctuary and a place of entertainment at the same time. 

Here are some latest room design ideas you need to try out:

     1. Bedroom



Calm and muted hues are in for the season, mainly because the bedroom needs to be a soothing haven where you come at the end of a long day. Paint one or two walls of your room a pale blue, lime yellow or muted pistachio green – shades that will complement the usual white/off-white walls of your room. Try the Aqueous Matt Finish paint by Gobis, available on our web portal and App, for an elegant finish that will make your bedroom look fresher than ever!

Window decor is something that is often overlooked by most people but it can prove critical in deciding the feel of any room. Do not hoard your windows with heavy, royal curtains, but rather opt for a sleek product in pastel shades, such as our IKEA curtains, to give your room a contemporary feel. 

Headboards are becoming more and more popular, with big shapes and upholstered panels becoming a go-to choice of most of the top interior designers. Not only are upholstered headboards comfortable, they are also very practical in terms of providing you comfort and backrest while allowing you to make a statement about your personality and design preferences. E-Build Pakistan has a variety of beds available, but this particular one fits the bill perfectly if you are looking to add a ‘wow’ factor to your bedroom. 

Soothing textiles are what define a bedroom. Add a geometric patterned bed sheet to your room to make it look more funky and cheerful. 

Storage is one of the biggest concerns of most people when it comes to re-doing bedrooms. You need more space for your clothes and shoes, which means bigger closets, but at the same time you want your room to be spacey and airy rather than too crowded. Here’s a tip: order this stylish wardrobe from our site. It has a modern look, plenty of room inside and comes with one mirrored sliding door, which means that you can probably do away with a dressing table, and instead go for a console table or chest drawers.

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     2. Living Room


Living Room
Living Room

Since the living room is where the entire family sits together to unwind or spend time together, the latest design trends this season are majorly focused on comfort – which means that it is time to fill up your living rooms with soft edges, earthy neutrals and comfy textiles. 

Opt for this plush sectional sofa set from our website – a perfect spot to hang out and watch TV or play video games or share a nice snack. You can have it customized according to the number of members in your family and to fit the shape of your living room. Complement the gigantic sofa set with this tasteful armchair. You can order one or buy a pair; either way, place it before the window and set up a nice coffee table next to it, decorated with a couple of novels and you will have yourself a perfect reading spot in your living room. 

If your living room gets natural light, then it is better to not board it up with numerous layers of curtains and blinds. Yes, the sun can be bothersome especially in the summer heat, but sunlight can be very beneficial for your health – it boosts your immune system, increases endorphins and serotonin, and daytime light helps you sleep better at night. Besides, the brighter a room is, the more comfortable it is. Order customized curtains from our site and opt for sheers as the inner layers; they glow in the morning so they will give the impression of a new day.  

Artificial light is equally as important as natural light. This summer, you might want to play with different types of lamps instead of crowding your ceiling with ceiling fixtures and chandeliers. Try out these Brassco Wongking metal lamps for your tables and these matching tall lamps to place around your living space – they are minimalistic, so they will not give off a puffy, much-too-heavy look that could potentially ruin the vibe of your room. 

Indoor plants have a number of benefits – they remove toxins from the air, they speed up your recovery from an illness or surgery and they boost productivity. From a house decoration perspective, they promote a sense of calm by providing a visual reminder of nature and they add a splash of colour to your room. This is why, this season we recommend you to fill up your living space with all things ‘green’. Shop at our website for some exclusive discounts on indoor plants

The idea of a workplace integrated in the living room is a trend that has never really been welcome, but the COVID pandemic has changed that. The need for flexible and accommodating spaces means that the latest home decoration ideas now include multi-purposed furniture. Incorporate a work table in the living space – or if you’re still hesitant to have a dedicated home office inside your family living area, you can opt for this modern sofa side table that you can place your laptop or files on whenever your work calls.

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     3. Bathroom



Where muted, earthy and neutral tones are in-fashion when it comes to decorating living rooms and bedrooms, the trending bathroom design ideas are much more daring and creative. Opt for our white marble designs for your walls and floor of the bathroom, and if you really want to try a unique look, cover one wall of your bathroom in these printed black tiles

On this black wall will go your commode seat – and that, too, should be chosen with utmost attention to detail. You could choose a simple, traditional commode chair but we would not recommend it. Try to play with the design and choose this wall-hanging commode chair with a hydraulic seat. It is modern and sleek, something that alone will change the feel of your bathroom entirely.

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If you are playing with the design of the toilet seat, then you must put in the same amount of thought into choosing the sink. Your bathroom furniture will define the room, so it is imperative that you choose something modern and artistic. We recommend this minimalist, oval sink, and paired with a mirror cabinet, it will be an aesthetically perfect and extremely practical addition to your washroom. 

Now we know what you are thinking: so far, all the walls and products we have suggested are black and white, and though that colour combination is timeless, we highly recommend that you add a splash of colour to your washing space with this beautiful, earthy bathroom set

A house, like anything else, is something that constantly requires maintenance, and since it is your haven – now more than ever because of COVID-induced quarantine – it is imperative that you keep redoing your living spaces to make them look up to date. 

House decoration is a genre that is constantly evolving and the designs available in the market keep on getting better and better. The key is to find a balance between what you currently have and what is new. Tweak a room or two in your house, bring in new accessories for some but completely re-do the rest to keep it all as fresh as new. 

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Home Design Trends

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