Get to Know E-Build Pakistan – Digitizing the Construction Industry of Pakistan

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E-Build Pakistan is Digitizing the Construction Industry of Pakistan

The 21st century is the era of technology and advancements. People wouldn’t have imagined back then how rapidly the world would grow. Imagine yourself having a conversation with a person of the 15th century about wireless connectivity, you would be considered insane, right?

But some advancements are surprising for even today’s generation, let me tell you that there is a way where you can easily construct a building by simply with a few taps of your fingers on your smartphone or laptop. Now am I insane or what? Absolutely not.

The idea of E Build Pakistan is to digitize the construction industry so that it expands the reach of products & buyers to the people who are working on housing/building projects and also the innovation in multiple sectors related to the construction industry.

A Digital Marketplace & Directory for Construction Material and Service Providers Online in Pakistan

E Build Pakistan is a web portal and phone application, available on both IOS and Android, a marketplace and directory for construction materials online, furnishing, architects, interior designers, contractors, and service providers. It opens a broader customer base and is seen by millions of customers in an increasingly digital world.

E Build Pakistan has a wide range and variety of construction material suppliers and experts of every field of the construction industry who help individuals who are not well versed about construction materials can immensely benefit from the advice of these professionals. Also, a huge variety of brands as it is highly difficult to find such a wide variety in any local store or field.

It will be easy for clients to compare brands and choose the right brand for construction and building materials under one digital platform.

If you want scalable growth of your brand or if you are a provider of Marble & Stone, Paints, Coats and Wall Coverings, Plumbing, Pipes and Fittings, Roofing & Cladding, Steel & Concrete, Tiles & Ceramics, Wood and Flooring, Cement and Cement Based Products, Concrete Products, Construction Chemicals & Repair Material, Doors, Windows & Locks or any other Building Materials provider and doesn’t build a stronger name in digital construction market yet because of lack in digital landscape then E Build Pakistan is the place where you can get register for wider distribution.

Register on E Build Pakistan with 3 Roles

E-Build Pakistan specifically serves three groups of people and if you fall in any one of them you can sign up and make your account on the EBP web portal.


People who have housing and building projects and need to find and buy materials, from wires, paint, cement, bricks etc. All they need relates to construction and interior design.

Material Vendors

if you have construction material to offer then you can sign up to list your products online where customers can find and buy.

Service Providers

Contractors, Painters, etc. consultants such as engineers, architects, and interior designers where you can create a profile and portfolio to get featured in a directory and get seen by thousands of potential clients.

E Build Pakistan brings you ease and comfort, as a client you don’t have to go outside and wait in lines and visit stores after stores to find the material or product you need. As a vendor, you don’t have to worry about the placement of shops being too far away from the market and as a service provider, you don’t have to sit and wait for a job.

What are you all waiting for after that ocean of information? Don’t you have a building to construct? Signup with a few easy steps at and start building.

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